“If we are dealing with a COMPLEX disorder, why would we expect a SIMPLE solution?”

– Luigi Boccuto


Coming directly from the Greenwood Genetics Center, Boccuto asks if you have ever thought about what medicine looks like in the future? What if medical issues could be individualised on a genetic level? What if science could pinpoint risks and prevention before birth? In vitro? Well, this talk shows how it just might be possible.

Luigi Boccuto is originally from Catanzaro, Italy, but has been living in Greenwood, SC for over 10 years. He received his medical degree and post-doc degree in medical genetics at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Rome. During his school and training years, he has worked on hereditary cancer, overgrowth syndromes and intellectual disability (ID) syndromes.

He is currently working as Research Scientist at the JC Self Research Institute of the Greenwood Genetic Center. His main projects are focused on the study of the genetic causes of autism, ID, and conditions with segmental or generalised overgrowth. Most of my work is focused on characterising the metabolic profiles of cells from patients with genetic conditions, to detect molecular biomarkers for early screening or diagnosis, discover pathogenic mechanisms underlying such disorders, and identify novel targets for treatment approaches.