webinarThis webinar will provide you with an overview of Precision Metabolomics™, an advanced approach to metabolomics that has the sensitivity and specificity to accurately measure metabolites at a level that makes an n of 1 study in an individual practicable. This approach uses extensively controlled processes to provide data with the smallest degree of variability in the measurement (<5%) to allow precise identification of the maximum possible number of biologically relevant metabolites in a sample. The goal is to comprehensively and reproducibly map metabolism, and metabolic change induced by perturbation such as disease or treatment, with sufficient precision to produce actionable information at the level of the individual.


Metabolon has put this technology into practice, with processes that are tightly regulated through infrastructure controls, documented SOPs, labelled internal standards and proprietary informatics, and the use of a tier one approach to identification of metabolites in each sample. In this presentation, we discuss the technology that is in use today that allows us to carry out n of 1 studies that enable precision medicine, show the importance of Precision Metabolomics alongside genomic studies, and discuss some of our future technology improvements to continue to expand our capabilities

The webinar is available on-demand.


Our Speaker

Luke Miller, PhD
Vice President – Laboratory Operations,
Metabolon, Inc. 

Luke Miller, PhD. V.P. of Lab Operations leads the Metabolomics, R&D, Targeted Analysis, Data Curation and Facilities Management businesses and he has management line responsibility for a group of over 60 individuals.  He has a BSc double honours degree in Chemistry and Management, a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and over 25 years’ experience in small molecule analysis including over 20 years in senior management research positions. 

Luke joined Metabolon in March of 2013 after 17 years at GlaxoSmithKline where he led the Analytical Chemistry department in GSK’s research organization.  During his career, Luke has developed super-critical fluid instrumentation and technology for analysis and purification of small molecule drug-like compounds, designed a multiplexed UV detector and co-developed a multiplexed mass spectrometer for improved analytical throughput and co-developed a time of flight mass spectrometer to deliver higher resolution and tighter accurate mass data.

Since joining Metabolon, he has isolated a novel biomarker with potential for diagnosing pre-diabetes and led the team responsible for fully characterizing that marker, leading to a patent in early 2016.  He is responsible for the global metabolomics technology development, including a collaboration with Sciex to deliver a new, high throughput lipid analysis platform. His group at Metabolon works with over 700 clients and has completed over 5000 commercial studies. He speaks and publishes regularly in the field of metabolomics and healthcare sciences.