(Credit: Josiah Zayner/ The ODIN)

With do-it-yourself CRISPR kits now available online, Hannah Devlin asks if it’s really possible to edit your own DNA, is it safe and how should it be regulated?

In October, biohacker Josiah Zayner gave a lecture in San Francisco in which he claimed to be the first person known to have edited his own DNA using CRISPR technology. He insists it’s something anyone can do using one of his company’s gene engineering kits. But does this do-it-yourself approach have any evidence to back it up? Is it safe? And, ultimately, does this kind of self-experimentation drive science forward or expose the public to unacceptable risks?

For the First Time in History, We’re No Longer Slaves to Our Genetics

To help discuss all this and more, Hannah Devlin is joined by Dr Josiah Zayner, founder and CEO of The Odin. And to help unpack some the of technical and legal challenges to this DIY approach are Patti Zettler, an associate professor from the Georgia State University College of Law, and Dr Güneş Taylor, a postdoctoral training fellow at the Francis Crick Institute in London.