Mendelspod interview George Church and discuss the future of genomics.

One of our favourite podcasts from the last few months comes from our friends over at Mendelspod. Going back to their first ever guest, they caught up with Harvard’s Professor of Genetics, George Church.

We liked this podcast for a few reasons. We have a great admiration for the work and innovation Professor Church has brought to genomics, so we’re always excited to hear what he has to say. In this interview, we get a glimpse of the man behind the work and a peek into some of his other interests outside of genomics. A fascinating insight into a true life science celebrity.


If we have celebrities in the life science industry, George Church of Harvard is one of them. Author, professor, entrepreneur, advisor—the list goes on and on. One of the special things about George is his commitment to advocate for science to the larger community. With everything else he has going on, he makes time to talk on programs like ours.

We launched Mendelspod with a George Church interview. Three years later, it’s a treat to have him on again to talk about his work, career, philosophy, and take a few questions from the audience.” Mendelspod

Listen to the interview here.