There is a lot of fear around the predictive power of genetic information. What are the privacy implications of being able to reconstruct a human face with relative accuracy from a string of As, Ts, Gs and Cs? The more data becomes readily available, the greater the concerns become.

So it feels amazingly refreshing to hear some enthusiasm, even optimism about that level of prediction. Enter Riccardo Sabatini, Human Longevity data scientist, entrepreneur and serious genomic optimist. Speaking at TED2016, Sabatini explores the power of a genomic future with excitement, wonder and a cheeky sense of humour. Watch out for a celebrity appearance from a certain well-known celebrity genomicist!


Riccardo Sabatini will be speaking at Festival of Genomics Boston in June on a discussion panel: Integrating genomic & patient data to realize the future of personalized medicine. Register for your place at the Festival here!