EpigenomicsNet, a media partner for the Festival of Genomics Boston, shared with us a recent interview they held with Dr Brain Athey on the growing field of pharmacoepigenomics.

Dr. Brian Athey is Professor of Psychiatry and Internal Medicine at University of Michigan Medical School. He is Principal investigator of the NIH funded Training Program in Bioinformatics, now entering its 9th year, and is actively involved in driving a new field called psychiatric “pharmacoepigenomics”. As part of EpigenomicsNet’s focus on pharmacoepigenomics, they discussed bioinformatics and the role of pharmacogenomics and epigenomics in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disease. 

Where Dr Athey refers to a journal, or his articles, he is referring to EpigenomicsNet’s partner journal ‘Pharmacogenomics’, which can be read here