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How next generation sequencing can change the way we search for disease-linked genetic variants.

NGS has led to rapid discoveries of disease-associated mutations, such as single nucleotide variations (SNVs), and insertions and deletions (indels). Up until now, large variants such as copy number variants (CNVs) have been difficult to study using NGS methods, such as whole exome sequencing. Despite advances in NGS, microarrays remain the primary method to robustly detect CNVs.


Chitra Kotwaliwale, Ph.D., Product Manager, Agilent Technologies

In this webinar Chitra Kotwaliwale, Ph.D. from Agilent Technologies, will show how Agilent’s SureSelect technology, OneSeq Target Enrichment, is a cost-effective solution to detect genome-wide CNVs and loss of heterozygosity using NGS. The OneSeq technology also provides the added advantage of identifying SNVs and indels in the same assay.

We’ll discuss the advantages of OneSeq target enrichment over other technologies such as whole exome and whole genome sequencing to detect small and large variants in one assay.

Join our webinar, in partnership with Agilent Technologies, on Thursday June 23, 4pm BST (8am PST, 11am EST) to find out how NGS techniques can be enhanced to identify these genetic variants.


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