“When you play the Game of Genomes, you win or you die…”

Ok, this is a teensy exaggeration. At Festival of Genomics Boston, plenary speaker Carl Zimmer announced his latest project to take on the warring factions within his own genome, in a new series of investigations for STAT News. Today we got our first glimpse of what his ‘Game of Genomes’ will look like. 

“The project, part of an effort to learn about all our genomes, is based on the sequencing of my own,” writes Carl. “But I didn’t want to just get a conventional genetic test from a doctor or send my spit to a genealogy lab. Instead, I got my hands on the raw data of my genome and enlisted two dozen scientists to guide me through its depths. I am, to my knowledge, the first journalist to dive into my own genome in this way.”

Carl’s investigations have revealed a complex network of warring factions within his genome, from protective elements that safeguard his health to wastelands overrun by ancient viruses. Much like Westeros, if you fancy belabouring a metaphor. 

The three-part series kicks off on July 11, and we cannot wait.

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