We know that there are problems with drug development. For one thing, the process is pretty slow, and for another, it doesn’t always work. Geraldine Hamilton, scientist and biotech entrepreneur, believes that she has a good solution the the problems with drug development: creating so-called ‘organs on chips’. Simulating an individual lung by combining human cells with a microfluidic device. From a single chip to an entire ‘plug and play’ system of organs, Geraldine explores the implications of this technology both for drug development, and further afield into personalised medicine. 

What TED says:

“It’s relatively easy to imagine a new medicine — the hard part is testing it, and that can delay promising new cures for years. In this well-explained talk, Geraldine Hamilton shows how her lab creates organs and body parts on a chip, simple structures with all the pieces essential to testing new medications — perhaps even custom cures made for one specific person.”



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