You can’t move on this website without bumping into something CRISPR-related (#sorrynotsorry), but sometimes even us die hard CRISPR fans need to take a step back and remember how that revolutionary system actually works. Step in Youreka Science…

“Since the discovery of DNA’s fundamental role in building and sustaining life, scientists have dreamed of having the ability to easily edit DNA in very precise ways. This Youreka Science video explores how a group of scientists made a major breakthrough in understanding the bacterial immune response, called the CRISPR/Cas system, and discovered a way to utilize this system to create a new technique to specifically change the DNA sequence of any organism with great ease.” 

Youreka Science

Youreka Science was created by Florie Mar, PhD, while she was a cancer researcher at UCSF. While teaching 5th graders about the structure of a cell, Mar realized the importance of incorporating scientific findings into classroom in an easy-to-understand way. From that she started creating whiteboard drawings that explained recent papers in the scientific literature to the general public. Mar has created over thirty videos about the latest scientific experiments and is now joined by Alex Olson to produce more fun and engaging videos. Learn more at


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