MicrophoneWe make no secret of how much we love a good podcast here at FLG, and this month saw the launch of a great new show from Genentech, entitled “Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar”.

The first episode digs into cancer care. Host Jane Grogan, Principal Scientist of Cancer Immunology at Genentech, sits down with cancer expert Ira Mellman to discuss where the breakthroughs of the future are likely to occur, from checkpoint inhibitors to cancer vaccines. 

(Also watch out for Ira getting seriously poetic about making the move from music to science). 

Here’s what Genentech have to say about their new venture:

“From research on cancer vaccines to why we feel pain, scientists are tackling some of the biggest challenges in human biology. Want to find out what they’re working on? Pull up a stool with host Jane Grogan, Principal Scientist of Cancer Immunology at Genentech… Over the next eight episodes—released bi-weekly—Jane will talk to top research scientists about their work.”

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