5 Science Podcasts You Need to Hear

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Whether you’re commuting to work or walking the dog, it’s always better with some entertainment. It’s even better when it can make you smarter at the same time!

Here’s our list of five podcasts that are worth a listen:

This is a podcast from STAT that sorts through the flood of health and medical news to deliver stories of the next development, controversy or breakthrough that will affect us all. SIGNAL explores the characters and the dramas behind today’s medicine, from biotech boardrooms, to research labs. 

Recommended listen: To make big profits, drug companies turn monopoly shenanigans 

If you’ve been following Front Line Genomics Magazine, then you’ll be familiar with Radiolab’s work and their high production values. This podcast is all about taking you on a journey. It’s something they do better than anyone else. Science and philosophy are the main concerns, without being dense or exclusive, making topics within these areas more accessible and approachable to anyone. 

Recommended listen: The Primitive Streak 

This is a podcast from Genetech, where scientists are tackling some of the biggest challenges in human biology. From research on cancer vaccines to how we feel pain. You can find out more about what they’re working on by listening to their podcast. 

Recommended listen: The search for super antibiotics  

Researchers do interesting work, but are they interesting people too? Yes, according to this podcast that focuses on stories about science. It could be everything from an emotional story relating back to a scientists line of work, a story about what happened inside someone’s lab or random medical and scientific facts. If you like science and stories, you’ll be into this one.

Recommended listen: Outliers 

This is an interesting one. A fictional future gets picked, and experts explain how it might work; what if we could get to know the day we’d die? Or what if all drugs were made legal? What if all antibiotics stopped working?

Recommended listen: Revenge of the Germs

Why not give it a listen while you drive or clean the house?  

If there are any podcasts you think deserve to be on that list, let us know and we’ll add them in. 

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