Mice Without This Protein Resist Multiple Sclerosis

When researchers tested the susceptibility of mice lacking calnexin to a mouse model of human MS (experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis), they were astonished to find that the mice were completely resistant to the disease.

Stuff to Read, Week 8

Here are five stories you should read this week. We ponder on the idea as to whether we could live forever, read more below!

MicroRNA As An Alternative To Steroids?

A study published in Cell Reports demonstrates the potential role of microRNA-223 in reducing, or controlling, inflammation in zebrafish. The microRNA is highly expressed in human blood cells that cause inflammation.

Pig Organs are the Future of Transplants

Using CRISPR on pigs to create organ regeneration isn’t a new idea, but George Church believes that pig-to-human organ transplant clinical trials could become a reality in just two years.