As the volume and depth of genomic data grows, bioinformaticians are translating genomic data into interpretable patterns leading to new biological insight.

New Open Source Platform Targets Precision Medicine

Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and Sanger Institute begin Arvados pilot projects. Curoverse today announced their new open source platform Arvados is available for trial through a public beta. The software provides an infrastructure to manage, process, and share genomic and biomedical data in precision medicine development. “Arvados enables users to do science and medicine bioinformatics that […]

Genetic Basis Of Rosacea Identified

Researchers identified two regions of the genome associated with rosacea, an inflammatory and poorly understood skin disease. The regions may be linked to other systemic diseases.

Craig Venter DNA: The Software Of Life

Great interview with Craig Venter from Google’s ZeitgeistMinds series last September. “Dr. Craig Venter is known for being the first person to decipher the human genetic code. Since then, he has been hard at work creating synthetic life, ranging from creating humanized pigs that can be used for organ donation, to understanding brain health that […]