As the volume and depth of genomic data grows, bioinformaticians are translating genomic data into interpretable patterns leading to new biological insight.

The 9 Vs of Genetic Medicine Big Data

In recent years, people have started to break down and categorise the matters needing attention when using big data. Such lists define categories using words beginning with the letter ‘V’.

Finding The Code

The Code, Part 1: The race to sequence the human genome was also billed as a race to end disease. So what happened?

Genomic Data 101: 2018 Edition

Free download: This guide gives you a broader and deeper understanding than the previous edition, to help you understand what considerations you need to make when designing a computational genomics workflow or platform.

Brexit Threat to UK Genomics Industry

The UK’s position as a world leader within the global Genomics industry could be under threat thanks to uncertainties about the future working status of EU nationals in this country.