Clinical genomics

Efficiently translating genomic research into the clinic is one of the most important steps in the development of the field. The clinic is where we will see things come to fruition.

Novel Childhood Cancer Genes Identified

Researchers have identified a range of genetic features that could provide us with novel drug targets and greater understanding of over 20 different types of childhood cancer.

Single Cell Just Got Cheaper

A brand new 3D printed, portable, and low-cost microfluidic controller has been developed by NYGC and NYU, enabling single-cell sequencing to become a lot more accessible.

How The Brain Tells Our Limbs Apart

We are now able to better understand the neural regulation by the regions of the spinal cord that connect to the arms and those that connect to the legs, which could lead to tailored stem-cell-based treatments.

Putting Patients On Chips

Technology Integrates stem cells from patients into a new approach to predict most effective disease treatments based on a patient’s unique biology.