Efficiently translating genomic research into the clinic is one of the most important steps in the development of the field. The clinic is where we will see things come to fruition.

FDA Announce New Policy on NGS

The FDA said yesterday it will relax its review of some genetic tests that examine millions of different variants at the same time, and finalised two guidances designed to enhance collaboration among researchers, and drive the efficient development of novel NGS-based tests. 

Weekend Reads, week 15

Some are exciting (Bill Gates on gene editing and George Church on how to live forever), some are informative (lab mice might be too clean, questioning drug pricing and freeing health data). You can read one, or you can read all five. That’s up to you! 

ACMG 2018: Award Winners So Far…

With ACMG well-underway over in Charlotte, North Carolina we have put together our very own round-up of those who received awards yesterday. Check back tomorrow for round two.

Saliva DNA Methylation Similar to the Brain

Studies carried out at Emory University have shown that DNA methylation patterns in saliva appear to be more similar to patterns from the brain, than methylation in blood. Researcher Alicia Smith Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Gynecology and Obstetrics at Emory University joins the discussion.

Largest Genetic Study for POAG in African-Americans

Dr Joan O’Brien, chair of the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Ophthalmology, Scheie Eye Institute, Philadelphia, and primary investigator of POAAGG, joins our panel of experts on April 10th to discuss bias in genetic studies and what is being done to remove it.

Clinicians Fighting Cancer

Researchers have observed that the number and size of tiny structures that exist inside cells, called centrioles, are increased in the most aggressive subtypes of cancer.