Consumer Genomics

A Reddit AMA with Dr Francis Collins

On Friday last week, Director of the NIH, Francis Collins, MD, PhD, participated in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Reddit in the run up to DNA Day this Thursday.

Selling the Code

The Code, Part 3: It’s now easier than ever to peer into your own genetic code. But are all of the new companies out there offering you information about yourself that you can believe?

Stuff to Read, Week 9

This is 2018 guys; people are injecting stem cells into their penises hoping to make them bigger, and having their cheeks swabbed hoping to find the one.​​​​​​​ What’s going on? ​​​​

2017: This Was Your Year, Part II

In part one, we relived the excitement of January – June 2017. How did the year progress through the summer stretch and into the festive period? It’s only one way to find out…