Diagnostics allow for the identification of cancer types and other crucial biomarkers, and are used right through from discovery to market.

Selling the Code

The Code, Part 3: It’s now easier than ever to peer into your own genetic code. But are all of the new companies out there offering you information about yourself that you can believe?

Researchers Map Path into Cell’s Nucleus

Researchers have delineated the architecture of the nuclear pore complex in yeast cells. The biological blueprint they uncovered shares principles sometimes seen on a much larger scale in concrete, steel, and wire.

Saliva DNA Methylation Similar to the Brain

Studies carried out at Emory University have shown that DNA methylation patterns in saliva appear to be more similar to patterns from the brain, than methylation in blood. Researcher Alicia Smith Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Gynecology and Obstetrics at Emory University joins the discussion.