Stuff to Read, Week 11

Stuff to read this week gives you everything from how genetics is changing our understanding of ‘race’, to beer being brewed with CRISPR technology. 

Clinical Genomics 101: Biological Samples

There are a number of different ways in which genetic material can be collected and the choice of which technique is used is typically decided by a variety of factors. We discuss the different techniques available.

Caught on Film: Mutating DNA

Until now, biologists have only had crude methods for estimating the average rates and effects of mutations. But in a new study, biophysicists have documented individual mutations as they happen in bacterial cells.

Clinical Genomics 101: 2018 Edition

Free download: This guide is designed to introduce you to how genomics is being integrated into the clinic, what goes into using a patient’s DNA to reach a diagnosis, and how this information can be communicated to primary care physicians.