Weekend Reads

This week: Are the conclusion about ‘alien’ mummy, Ata correct? Where is the African DNA in the search for cures? And is it possible to bury family secrets in the age of DNA testing? 

ASHG Announces Award Winners of 2018

ASHG announces 4 scientists they intend to honour with awards at their Annual Meeting in October: Jan M. Friedman, Mary-Claire King, Cecilia Lindgren, and Sekar Kathiresan.

Tumour Genome Evolution: A New Perspective

Natural selection shapes genomes to evolve and to adapt but, are the rules of natural selection also applying to cancer genome evolution? Researchers suggest negative selection acting on cancer-essential genes plays a more important role than previously anticipated. 

Weekend Reads

This week: Are we really running out of data storage? And can a deadly infection be genetic? You’ll also get a list of must-reads this summer…