Blindness Gene Discovered

UNIGE researchers have identified the gene responsible for a recessive genetic disorder that causes degeneration of the eye and blindness.

Molecular Diagnostics Report

Read our report on all things Molecular Diagnostics, including some great contributed articles. Need to know about liquid biopsies? Want to know what the current regulatory landscape looks like? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Weekend Reads

This week: Are the conclusion about ‘alien’ mummy, Ata correct? Where is the African DNA in the search for cures? And is it possible to bury family secrets in the age of DNA testing? 

ASHG Announces Award Winners of 2018

ASHG announces 4 scientists they intend to honour with awards at their Annual Meeting in October: Jan M. Friedman, Mary-Claire King, Cecilia Lindgren, and Sekar Kathiresan.