Podcast: The Ins and Outs of Genomics with George Church

George Church talks about his disappointment with the Human Genome Project, the blistering price/performance improvements in both DNA synthesis and sequencing, and CRISPR’s strength and weaknesses, in addition to the improvements he hopes to see in its successors. 

The Minority Coalition for Precision Medicine

The story of Michael Friend and Shakir Cannon, the co-founders of the Minority Coalition for Precision Medicine, is an important story that’s far from over — and it may just change your perspective about the end-goal for genomics. 

Researchers Identify Cellular ‘Death Code’

Dying cells generally have two options: go quietly, or go out with a bang. The latter, while more conspicuous, is also mechanistically more mysterious. Now, scientists have pinpointed what they believe is the molecular “code” that unleashes this more violent variety of cell death. 

First Assembly of Pure Great Ape Genomes

Researchers have assembled the genomes of an orang-utan and a chimpanzee without incorporating any human DNA for the first time, allowing for a more accurate evaluation of their genotypes.

Blood Test to Predict Pregnant Women’s Due Date

A new blood test for pregnant women detects with 75-80% accuracy whether their pregnancies will end in premature birth. The technique can also be used to estimate a fetus’ gestational age — or the mother’s due date — as reliably as and less expensively than ultrasound.