Genomics will change what patients expect from their provider, as well as change how physicians treat them. Before this happens, education on both sides is needed. This month we look at some of the big talking points.

Fear of a Deadly Superbug

If public health officials didn’t have enough on their plate already, coping with the recent funding cuts, one of the biggest threats is actually a deadly fungus

HIV Persistence in Macrophages

A new approach may be needed to design an effective cure for HIV because of the virus’ ability to survive anti-retroviral therapy (ART)

Is Our Sleep Pattern Genetic?

Two different studies shed light on how a person’s genetics might affect their sleep patterns and could suggest new ways of influencing our sleep regulation

Drugs That Makes Us Younger

Biotech company PureTech Health announce they’re licensing two clinical-stage programmes from Novartis that may slow or reverse the symptoms of old age