Genomics will change what patients expect from their provider, as well as change how physicians treat them. Before this happens, education on both sides is needed. This month we look at some of the big talking points.

Stuff to Read, Week 5

This week we talk CRISPR delivery, precision medicine anno 2030, gene editing equality and three-person babies arriving in the UK. 

George Church: Reading and Writing DNA

Thanks to the invention of genome sequencing technology more than three decades ago, we can now read the genetic blueprint of virtually any organism. And yet, for George Church the ultimate goal is not just to read and edit, but also to write.

Flying the Flag for UK Genomics

We spoke to Sue Hill and Mark Caufield to discuss the impact of the government-led,100,000 Genomes Project, and to find out why it has made serious progress in transforming healthcare.

Ireland Makes its Mark

Genomics Medicine Ireland (GMI) was founded in 2015 with the objective of solving diseases of genetic origin by creating large-scale, population-based medical research studies on the island of Ireland to examine the relationship between genetics, health and disease.

Stuff to Read, Week 4

The outcome of clinical trials might not be predicted as well as you think, cloning of monkeys could revolutionise human disease studies, why is everyone talking about blockchain, and should everyone have their whole genome sequenced at birth?