IVF Drug Shows Promise in Phase 3 Trial

ObsEva has proved successful in producing topline data from a phase 3 trial of nolasiban, a drug designed to improve the pregnancy rate of in vitro fertilization procedures. 

Single Cell Just Got Cheaper

A brand new 3D printed, portable, and low-cost microfluidic controller has been developed by NYGC and NYU, enabling single-cell sequencing to become a lot more accessible.

Zika To Help Fight Brain Cancer?

Brazilians show that the infection by Zika virus kills glioblastoma, one of the most common and aggressive kinds of malignant brain tumour in adults.

Killing Off Sepsis with Gut Bacteria

Sepsis is a potentially life-threating complication of infections and is currently treated with antibiotics. But, new research has offered an alternative treatment.