Is Our Sleep Pattern Genetic?

Two different studies shed light on how a person’s genetics might affect their sleep patterns and could suggest new ways of influencing our sleep regulation

A Real Life Dr. House

Researchers have been able to identify and treat a genetic mutation responsible for a medical case unsolved for 30 years

Curing Blindness with Fish?

A genetic variant which causes congenital blindness has been discovered in zebrafish, potentially opening new avenues for treatment for the condition in humans

Taking a Wider Look at Cancer

Most modern oncology research is aimed at a certain cancer type or tissue, are we missing important information by not looking at the bigger picture?

A New Ultra-Rare Form of Cancer?

Several novel genes associated with the ultra-rare Erdheim-Chester disease (ECD) have been identified, which might help to inform future drug therapies

The Evolutionary Arms Race

Scientists have uncovered the mechanisms by which viruses can inactivate the bacterial immune system CRISPR to enable their survival and proliferation

What Could Be a HIV Vaccine…

Researchers have engineered an on/off replication switch in weakened HIV in the hopes of developing a highly effective and safe vaccine against the virus

Genetic Memories

More than 100 genes important for memory have been identified in humans by a new study, looking at correlations between gene expression and memory