Disruptive science can have a significant impact outside of our own domains of research and into our personal lives. Keeping abreast of these developments can help prepare and inspire.

Switched-on DNA

DNA, the stuff of life, may very well also pack quite the jolt for engineers trying to advance the development of tiny, low-cost electronic devices

5 science podcasts you need to hear

Whether it’s when commuting to work or while walking the dog, it’s always good with some entertainment. It’s even better when it can make you smarter at the same time! We’ve made a list of five podcasts that are worth a listen

Listen: Outliers

Molecular biologist Maryam Zaringhalam discovers something strange about her sense of smell, and Hillary Savoie’s daughter is born with a rare genetic mutation.

Cows Moo To CRISPR

Scientists have developed a novel technique using the CRISPR to insert a new gene into foetal cow genomes to promote resistance to bovine tuberculosis.