The pharmaceutical industry is capturing an ever-increasing quantity of data, but this is often underutilised by professionals in the perfect place to use this data to their advantage. The ever-evolving scope of the field also means that many senior-level professionals do not fully understand the importance of getting data right in their business, or miss a potential opportunity that their rivals seize.

This report, focussing on the data developments most critical to the drug development industry, looks to provide the solutions that pharma companies need to stay ahead of the curve and understand the importance of data in their workplace. Using both in-depth contributor analysis and high-level case studies from businesses leading in this field, its intent is to demonstrate the importance of data today and provide solutions to a number of problems many pharma companies, both large and small, are facing.

From this report, readers will receive:

  • A better understanding of some of the major roadblocks to better data usage, and subsequently a greater idea of where to focus improvement efforts
  • Knowledge of how to build a business case for making improvements, and how to relay that case
  • Vital ideas for solving some of the leading data problems inherent in drug discovery and development today, including around AI, multi-omics and recruitment
  • A greater understanding of how other pharma companies are handling these data issues
  • Notes from leading experts on solutions within the data field, and real-world examples of where improvements have been made

From making the business case for a better data lifecycle to ensuring FAIRness of data to generating better ROI with AI and machine learning, we hope this report proves highly useful in a real, applicable sense, and that readers take away real insights to which they had no previous access.

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